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What pairs best with Solle Wine? Solle Music!

From the Playa-to-Vegas-to-Miami-to-Europe and beyond, Chris Solle has been spinning records and rocking fans since his hair was feathered like the wings of a majestic bird. Along the way he produced several well-received CDs and co-founded “Butter,” the world famous DJ-driven bar & nightclub.

These days his family and Solle Wines keep Chris closer to home, but he still produces music in his spare time, and the Solle Wines website will be the only place you can hear it! Nothing goes better with Solle Wines than Chris’ music. Experience it for yourself!

These DJ Sets are provided to you for promotional purposes only — all we ask in return is that you establish a Solle Wines mail list account so you can access the listening page and you will be apprised of future Solle Wine and Music release. There is no obligation to purchase wine so what are you waiting for?!?

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